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We believe that increasing the confidence of the man himself lies in the attractiveness and good appearance, we put our experience in your hands with the latest technologies to get rid of this problem forever.

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Scientific studies have shown that the problem of hair loss or baldness is due to several factors, especially the imbalance of hormonal secretions and genetic factors. These factors vary from person to person by age, sex, health status and body nature. The most common cause is the exposure of scalp to hormonal effects, most importantly the abnormal increase of the hormone (Testosterone) in men and women and its conversion to (Dihydrotestosterone), which directly affects a large part of the scalp except the back of the head.

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Our Best FUE Hair Transplant Techniques


SAPPHIRE pen is made of the rare SAPPHIRE stone. It does not leave scars due to the precision of the pen head. This technique is usually determined by the doctor when the follicle diameter is 0.25 mm, with this technique, a density of 93% is obtained, where 80 follicles are grown in 1 cm.

Direct Hair Implantation

It’s suitable for a follicle diameter of 0.15 mm and for diabetic patients who have a blood sugar below 200 mm, where the implant is direct during the opening of channels. We also rely on this technology for the partial baldness to obtain 93% density and implant of approximate 95 bulbs in 1 cm.

FUE Mega Sessions

This technique is used for those who have full baldness where the channels are opened with a professional mechanism that ensures full coverage of baldness area.

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Its very good service all the crew it was a very nice since i arrived to the airport to the hotel then from the hotel to the hospital im very happy i have my hair back and i will advice every body a omega clinic i have freinds of mine they want go to do same surgery thank you omega and abdul ruhman

Omega hairClinic is the best place i saw it in Turkey.They did good service for me and there customers too, and am among them. I thank them 👍🙌

A fantastic services were provided as soon as I have contacted this Medical Organization, let me summarize to you:
- A very smart Medical consultant ... just awesome !!
I do recommend this Medical center for you if you are planning to use any of the services they do in Turkey.

I advise anyone who wants to grow hair that works with the omega clinic because it is about them credibility and accuracy in the appointment and respect for the customer and follow-up even after the operation and you are at your house after the operation every day, ask about you

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