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We strive in Omega Clinic to help you to get rid of obesity, we know that agility is a dream you have always dreamed of.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Are you trying to implement diets and gymnastics, but to no avail ? That is because obesity has multiple causes and it is due to genetic factors and problems in the function of glands and their secretion. Because we care first about your future, and we know that obesity is one the most important causes of many diseases and it leads to serious complications, we offer you a definitive cure for obesity, done by the best doctors who care about your health and try to reduce risks of obesity and its complications by the operation of sleeve gastrectomy.

The Operation

In this operation we get rid of excess weight by removing the outer part of stomach so that the stomach turns from the form of large bag to the form of thin and long tube, that helps to feel satiation rapidly and reduce the amount of fat that move to specific parts of body and take undesirable shape which affects your appearance.

Get rid of obesity caused by sluggishness and wrong eating habits

Mechanism of operation

It is currently done by laparoscopy, which helps to avoid many complications of surgery, in addition to the complications of wound healing The operation is often done under general anesthesia. However, sometimes the surgeon may use local (epidural) anesthesia with the use of hypnotics and drugs that relax the muscles.

The surgeon makes five small holes, 2 cm or less. The surgeon inserts an endoscope and cut the outer part of stomach, which is about 80% of the total size of stomach, so that the stomach is like a thin tube. A laser beam is shed on the removed part to be shrinked and pulled out of body through one of these small holes.

Through one of these holes also, a caustic scissor is inserted to close the remaining part of stomach inside the body. The doctor sometimes puts a tube in one of these openings to leak any fluid pool. Finally, these openings are closed with surgical thread, and the wound is covered and disinfected.

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We provide clients with multilingual interpreters to assist them during medical and hospital interviews to ensure that information is shared with medical personnel and that they receive their request quickly.


We provide all the necessary medical treatment and support for patient recovery and we are keen to obtain personal care materials to suit his condition

Medical tests

We carefully examine the patient’s health before moving on to treat his condition by studying the history of health and carrying out the necessary laboratory tests.


We seek to ensure the comfort of our patients, we have contracted with the finest hotels that cater to all tastes and sites combining the sophistication and proximity to the tourist and archaeological sites in the city.

Certificate of guarantee

We provide our clients with a certified life assurance certificate confirming our reliability and credibility as well as confirming that we have obtained the license from the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Treatment bag

We provide all the necessary medical treatment and support for patient recovery and we are keen to obtain personal care materials to suit his condition

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