Cosmetic Ear Surgery

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At Omega Clinic know that your feeling of satisfaction is strongly related to your natural aesthetic appearance, and as we realize the amount of confidence you derive from the look of perfection and appreciation for yourself before others appreciate you, we pay attention and observation for the main beauty details such as ears.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Since birth, ears are located on either side of head at a specific angle between ear and skull on both sides, we can observe shape of ears, absence of its folds (the pinna), depth of cochlea, ear deviation from its natural location, rupture and flabbiness of earlobe because of heavy earrings, bruises, and age-related problems.

We work with you to get rid of shyness from ear defects and from try to cover or hide ear all the time by dropping hair on it.

Mechanism of operation


Age verification

Cosmetic ear surgery can be performed after the age of six because of ear growth.

Used Technique

The appropriate technique is used after diagnosis of situation by our medical staff.


The operation is conducted under influence of general anesthesia or local anesthesia.


It would take about an hour and a half depends on the situation of the patient.


Healing of scar is qualitative and specific to the person concerned.

Side Effects

Scars usually take an unclear form over time, they are hidden scars.

After the Operation

The ear remains in a flexible ligament for 3 days after the operation.

After Care

A tense ligament should be worn for 4 weeks as a whole during night.


The ear should be protected from bruises within the first three months

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We provide clients with multilingual interpreters to assist them during medical and hospital interviews to ensure that information is shared with medical personnel and that they receive their request quickly.


We provide all the necessary medical treatment and support for patient recovery and we are keen to obtain personal care materials to suit his condition

Medical tests

We carefully examine the patient’s health before moving on to treat his condition by studying the history of health and carrying out the necessary laboratory tests.


We seek to ensure the comfort of our patients, we have contracted with the finest hotels that cater to all tastes and sites combining the sophistication and proximity to the tourist and archaeological sites in the city.

Certificate of guarantee

We provide our clients with a certified life assurance certificate confirming our reliability and credibility as well as confirming that we have obtained the license from the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Treatment bag

We provide all the necessary medical treatment and support for patient recovery and we are keen to obtain personal care materials to suit his condition

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