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The surgery is done by getting rid of elasticity weakness of abdominal skin or signs of skin expansion caused by pregnancy or previous surgery and even effects of childbirth, and also getting rid of flabbiness resulting from rapid loss of weight.


This procedure is performed in cases where there is a low level of distortion at abdominal area which is confined between navel area and upper thigh area only. If the distortion spreads to the area above navel and the flabbiness is severe, the abdomen, back and waist should be considered as one whole. Better results can be obtained by adding liposuction to those areas in addition to abdominoplasty if needed.

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Mechanism of Operation

The operation is performed under effect of general anesthesia, it takes about two to three hours. A horizontal incision is made in the area between groin and abdominal area, the shape and length of this incision is determined to get rid of excess skin.

Skin is lifted from the lower area of abdomen, inner abdominal muscles are repaired, then upper skin is pulled down, excess skin is removed and remaining skin is sewn. The doctor then places the navel on the surface and sews it.

After the Operation

Patient stays at hospital for one or two days, He/She wears a corset after surgery. He/She can stand within three to four hours after operation. The corset must be worn continuously for 3 weeks after operation, then it is worn for intermittent periods during the day for a total of 6 weeks.

After 4 weeks, patient may exercise sport, except for exercises that require severe abdominal movements. Results of abdominoplasty operation may take some time to appear, diet and sports may help to keep your results, your abdomen appears more flat and suitable for your weight and body type.

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