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Hair is the crown of the head for women and also for the man and a prominent mark in the beauty of the person.

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The problem of hair loss and baldness

Many suffer from the problem of hair loss and baldness, which affects the aesthetic appearance of the person and leads to a sense of self-confidence and may adversely affect the performance of the person in work and relations with people, The restoration of lost hair is an urgent necessity for many

especially women. Cosmetic surgery has been a great deal in this field. Hair transplantation has emerged in various techniques and has been a solution for many baldness and hair loss patients. Hair transplantation has been costly, and some hair transplantation techniques have scarring in the head

But after the advent of plasma injection technology in the late 1980s, it was easy for anyone with hair loss or baldness to inject plasma. Before we know how plasma hair is injected you must first know what the plasma is and how the hair is treated

The plasma is considered to be one of the most important treatments for hair loss and weakness because it first renews the hair cells (follicles). Secondly, it destroys the cyst which causes excess of the hormone testosterone, DHA, on the hair follicle, which inhibits the passage of blood to the follicle, thus losing food and oxygen. Vitality of the bulbs.

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Its very good service all the crew it was a very nice since i arrived to the airport to the hotel then from the hotel to the hospital im very happy i have my hair back and i will advice every body a omega clinic i have freinds of mine they want go to do same surgery thank you omega and abdul ruhman

A fantastic services were provided as soon as I have contacted this Medical Organization, let me summarize to you- A very smart Medical consultant ... just awesome !!
I do recommend this Medical center for you if you are planning to use any of the services they do in Turkey.

I advise anyone who wants to grow hair that works with the omega clinic because it is about them credibility and accuracy in the appointment and respect for the customer and follow-up even after the operation and you are at your house after the operation every day, ask about you


We provide clients with multilingual interpreters to assist them during medical and hospital interviews to ensure that information is shared with medical personnel and that they receive their request quickly.


We provide all the necessary medical treatment and support for patient recovery and we are keen to obtain personal care materials to suit his condition

Medical tests

We carefully examine the patient’s health before moving on to treat his condition by studying the history of health and carrying out the necessary laboratory tests.


We seek to ensure the comfort of our patients, we have contracted with the finest hotels that cater to all tastes and sites combining the sophistication and proximity to the tourist and archaeological sites in the city.

Certificate of guarantee

We provide our clients with a certified life assurance certificate confirming our reliability and credibility as well as confirming that we have obtained the license from the Turkish Ministry of Health.

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We provide all the necessary medical treatment and support for patient recovery and we are keen to obtain personal care materials to suit his condition