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“The longer that the our hair follicle stays alive, the longer that our hair will get”



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We offer advanced technologies to ensure targeted treatments solve any problem referred to by various tests due to poor scalp condition, stimulating blood circulation or improving hair growth. 


We take nature as the reference of a healthy life, with our motto we carry out on health products; “the art off natural beauty” so we promise the best excellent results for quality and effectiveness.

created with natural extracts has an extremely cleansing effect on hair follicles. It nourishes the hair from root to tip with its natural herb extracts, vitamins, minerals and active cleaning substances.

Protects hair follicles against toxical effects and prevents the formation of harmfull substances in hair follicles by reducing DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which is scientifically proven to cause the genetic hair loss.

Accelerates the blood circulation at follicles of hair and scalp hence supporting their development and nutrition. Nourishes the hair follicles and supports the formation of new hairs as well as development of present hairs.

Provides excellent results after hair transplantation and Supports the treatment after the hair transplantation, helps the grafts hold and heal faster.

It is an extremely delicate range of products formulated Intensive treatments with hyaluronic acid and plant extracts that stimulates the microcirculation of the metabolic functions of the scalp because of the flavonoids and amino acids content essential oils and active principles of vegetable origin that strengthen the roots and improve the texture of the hair.

Some researchers found out that the reduction of natural hyaluronic acid production is a contributing factor in hair loss, especially male pattern baldness so protects them from the harmful effects by reducing DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

Exerts a visible effect on the hair by a gel-like shield with water holding function forms a in the connective tissue in the dermal layer and facilitate the regeneration turnover of the keratinocytes in hair follicles.

Provides excellent results after hair transplantation and Supports the treatment after the hair transplantation, helps the grafts hold and heal faster.



The center is more than wonderful. The reception staff, interpreters and nurses are very classy. The treatment was at the highest level. Follow-up after the operation was very good and worth more than 10 stars

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the Omega Clinic for their efforts and contact with me especially after the end of the process. I would like to thank Dr. Erdogan and Mr. Saleh for their excellent and wonderful communication. Thank you very much

Peace be upon you. I did the hair transplantation with Omega Clinic. It was a great reception. The medical staff was fantastic and everything was in good order and the hospital was very clean. Thank you all from your Moroccan brother Sameh

Thanks Omega Center. I was lucky to have a choice for your clinic and for people from many clinics. I am one of the people whose life has changed to happier and better.

How can I fully cover baldness ?

The coverage is determined by the area from which the follicles are taken. If there is a high density in this area, we can take a large number of follicles and it is possible to cover the area of ​​baldness.

How do I get a natural front line after planting ?

The doctor’s experience depends on getting the natural shape. The front line should be in a non-straight and corrugated shape and be at the end of the front muscle.

Where are the types of follicles implanted ?

There are three types of monoclonal, bilateral and trigeminal hair follicles. One hair follicle is implanted in the front line of the forehead to obtain aesthetics. The two and three are implanted immediately after the front line to obtain high density.

Which anesthesia is highly effective and safe for human health in hair transplantation ?

Local anesthesia There are several types of them do not affect the nervous system and affect negatively on the nervous system Jitokayin material is not harmful to any device in the human body and is appropriate in anesthesia for hair transplantations, but the substance of Berpol if taken in overdose has direct damage to the nervous system.

Is it permissible to practice sport immediately after planting ?

After the cultivation process should avoid anything that causes pressure on the scalp such as stressful exercise, jogging and weightlifting.

When do I get the final results after the hair transplant

After the hair transplantation, hair loss is implanted during the first three weeks after which the hair follicles begin to produce hair gradually from about 2 months after 10% after the operation by 4 months. The results are obtained by 50 times. The results are obtained after 7 months

How much does the hair transplant cost in Turkey in 2019 ?

The average hair transplant costs in Turkey are between 1000 to 3700 USD. Including the cost of medical analysis required and a range of other services that vary centers and compete in the provision of customers, due to the relative difference in the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey to be affected by prices of many factors, such as the experience of the doctor and the type of technology used in the process and the level of well-being provided by Medical Center, in addition to the average prices may vary relatively from one city to another within the State of Turkey.

How do I choose the right hair transplant technique ?

There are many techniques used in hair transplantation globally. Your doctor will help you choose the technique that is best for you when you ask for free consultation.

What are the most popular techniques for hair transplantation around the world ?

it. FUT is a relatively old technique that has been eliminated for the limited number of bulbs picked and cultivated, in addition to having a clear effect in the donor area, so that it is sometimes difficult to cover if the hair is not dense.
Therefore, FUE, the world’s newest hair transplant, helps to get as many follicles as possible.

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